Bubble Bustle provides AERIAL & STROLLING champagne service at your special events! Desserts, party favors, cigars, candy- its the most unique and memorable way to treat your guests.

Serving from the air or from the ground!

Our beautiful strolling champagne dress can hold beverages, candy, desserts, cotton candy, party favors and more! Your lovely server will dress to fit ANY theme! We have a large variety of beautiful and elaborate costumes to choose from, and any theme you can dream of could be customized for your special event. The serving dress itself can be customized with lights, flowers or another decorations. Tell us your vision and we will help it explode into the most memorable occasion.

Bubble Bustle also offers aerial bar tending services. Your stunning server will poor champagne or wine from gorgeous aerial silks, hoops or trapeze! An elegant and jaw dropping spectacle that will dazzle and impress your guests!

Corporate events, receptions, weddings, gallery openings, festivals, fundraisers, parties- we have got you covered

We have a wide variety of costumes to choose from & we very much welcome custom costume requests!